St. Mary Parish

Recreation District #3

Bayou Vista Community Center

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In the early 90’s five people had a dream to build something for our children and community. From those simple beginnings came forth the idea to build a community center.  A place kids on a bike could get to safely in our community. Our main criteria was to pick a centralized location.
After forming a district and passing a millage, The Bayou Vista Community Center was built. At the beginning, the community center consisted of a gymnasium, kitchen, meeting room, and 3 baseball fields. Over the years, the community center has become our “City Hall”. The Bayou Vista Community Center is home to Water & Sewer District #2. The Bayou Vista Garden Club host their monthly meetings here. By the way, a very active garden club that we rely on to help maintain and beautify Southeast Blvd. A place where Bayou Vista Elementary can have their Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations.  
In 2003, we asked the voters of Bayou Vista to trust us with their tax money. We used that money to renovate an old and neglected playground at Central Park.
Two years later in 2005, we again asked the taxpayers to trust us. The community center built the areas first Spray Park and covered playground. Right after the spray park was opened a group of Jr. High students came to one of our monthly board meetings. Those students had an idea like the one we had 25 years ago. They presented a formal presentation about building a skate park. 
November 17, 2012, was the grand opening date of The Swamp. The first and largest skate park in this area!
Not quite 3 years from opening The Swamp the community center built Noah’s Adventures. Noah’s Adventures is an 18-hole miniature golf course funded with existing monies taxpayers trusted the district with. 
We hope you understand that when we build something we build it right and take care of it. Even though Bayou Vista may not be a town or city we are a COMMUNITY. Bayou Vista is a community where a kid can get to a baseball field, spray park, skate park, or mini golf course. The recreation district has built a place for children and adults to come and enjoy themselves. We welcome everyone to utilize our facility.
St. Mary Parish Recreation District #3 hopes to be that “shining
light in our community.”

Thanks and May God Bless You